My podcast assignment has similar themes to my feature story because it focuses on the idea of colony collapse disorder and how human management choices affect pollinator populations. However, I condensed the article into a podcast and converted it into broadcast style, which has shorter sentences, rounded-off numerals, attributions before declarative sentences and many other characteristics which differ from news and feature writing journalism styles. I also worked with recording devices and Audacity sound-editing softwares, and I learned about on and off-record interviews. When choosing the natural sound of a coffeemaker to incorporate into the podcast, I looked for an ambient sound that was relatable to my audience and would catch the attention of my listeners in an unusual way. Enjoy the podcast! 



Read my bibliography for this assignment by clicking here. Learn more about this topic through my feature story and op-ed


Brosi’s lab studies the effects of climate change on pollinators to determine how changing temperatures can create disparities in pollination time periods / Bee / Alex Starr / Creative Commons Flickr Images


Photo: Honeybees / Jennifer C. / Creative Commons Flickr Images

 The Nat Sound for my Podcast is from FreeSound.